Professional Indemnity - Fire Safety Engineers, Passive Fire Protection and Non Passive Fire Protection

As the PI industry continues to differ day by day and leave us all with a rollercoaster of emotions, it is clear there is still one area suffering which is the fire safety industry.


November 28, 2022

Landscape with fire in the middle

We are all noticing new or different clauses being applied at renewal from the IUA clauses which gave no retroactive cover, which are now being modified to give a year and in some cases 2 years, to countless variations of Fire Safety clauses - some offering Rectification only cover. From the coversations we are having, a lot of clients are being left confused with what they are purchasing at renewal, due to this it couldn’t be more important time to be partnering with a professional who understands your sector and can explain the changes being applied to your policy at renewal.

It also couldn’t be a more imperative time to work with a wholesaler who can offer your clients options at renewal which allow the insured to invest in the broadest cover available.

Where do Servca come in?

At Servca we spend time reviewing each business under its own merit, working with our partners to understand the exposure and underwrite each risk as fair as possible

We are fortunate to be extremely well connected in the market and thanks to the effort of our team we are continuing to grow in the right way and along with this our strength in the market is becoming stronger and stronger.

Give us a shout a few weeks before your clients renewal is due and we will work with you to provide the relevant forms needed, highlight additional information needed, so we can build a thorough submission for the market and arrange the best terms available for your client

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