Environmental Liability Insurance

In-house data analysis tools, combined to access to data rooms allows us to take an objective view of the environmental industry. This means we have market leading insights of where environmental mitigation or risk transfer is needed.

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Our deep-rooted knowledge across a range of industries from manufacturing and construction through to healthcare means we are able to advise on where your clients are vulnerable to environmental liabilities and losses, and provide you with appropriate, tailored, innovative insurance solutions.

Non-Standard & High-Risk Environmental Insurance

Globally, and irrespective of their sector, businesses impact the environment. For every client, whether operating healthcare settings, running auto shops or transporting hazardous goods and materials, there is risk and liability that must be addressed. Environmental clean-up operations are scarcely inexpensive endeavours. We specialise in the placement of non-standard and high-risk cover and will work with you, as well as our underwriting and re-insurance capacity providers to design and deliver innovative cover that will provide protection against a range of your clients’ casualty exposures.

Types of Environmental Liability Insurance

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