What is Multi-Factor Authentication? (MFA)

MFA has become one of the baseline security requirements for cyber insurers across the board. Discover what MFA is and how it is utilised.

What is Technology Professional Indemnity? (E&O)

Technology Professional Indemnity (E&O) is an insurance policy that safeguards professionals and companies within the technology industry against claims. Discover who needs it and what the policy exactly covers.

Why should landlords obtain Commercial Building Insurance?

Letting out a residential or commercial property can be a great investment, but as a landlord, you must ensure that you have the right Commercial Building Insurance in place. Discover how to get an accurate sum insured for your property and the potential limitations of an "Average Clause".

Navigating the Canadian insurance landscape in 2023

2023 will be a difficult year for the Canadian insurance market. The uncertainty of a looming recession, sky-high interest rates, and the prevailing hard-market all point to challenging placements for local brokers.

Should Cyber Insurance be regulated & mandatory for firms? 

In today's world, most companies are operating and transacting online increasing their overall exposure to cyber-related risks. We have highlighted the pros and cons of making Cyber Security Insurance a compulsory purchase.

Financial Institutions Insurance: Is your financial institution at risk? What coverage do you need?

Financial institutions have been exposed recently to more risks. Here are the key covers to protect your business.

What does 2023 hold for the construction insurance market?

The current economic environment is expected to put a strain on the construction insurance market. Here are our expectations and recommendations for successfully navigating the coming months.

A View from Me on '23: Dr. Edwin Rajadurai, Servca

2022 saw a 5-10% increase in healthcare renewals that didn't change exposure. What's in store for 2023? Recently our Managing Director Dr Edwin Rajadurai sat down with Emerging Risks Media to offer a "View From Me on 23".

D&C and A&E Professional Indemnity - Q1 2023 Market Prediction

With ongoing challenges such as inflation, rising interest rates, and extra competition, these trends will likely shape the Professional Indemnity market in 2023.

Cyber Insurance Predictions & Trends For 2023

In 2022, Servca experienced our most successful year to date for Cyber Insurance programs, with exponential growth in risks that needed placement in the London market. However, we need to look into the future and determine the factors that will determine success in 2023.

Professional Indemnity - Fire Safety Engineers, Passive Fire Protection and Non Passive Fire Protection

As the PI industry continues to differ day by day and leave us all with a rollercoaster of emotions, it is clear there is still one area suffering which is the fire safety industry.

Presentation of a Claim

In our line of business, we view claims every day. Claims are viewed in a negative way, understandably. However, there are ways we can make claims more appealing to Underwriters.

Preparing a Submission

Servca has seen a mixed bag of presentations/submissions during its time in the industry. Some have contained a great amount of detail, and some haven’t even included turnover information or rating factors. Here are a few tips and tricks to build the perfect presentation.

Directors And Officers - Cover Explained

The cover is requested by businesses either from their start up stage or as a business grows and is looking for more protection in the event a claim occurs. Can you confidently say you understand the need for each section of cover and how it will become operative in the event of a claim?

Common Surgical Mistakes That Can Turn into Nasty Claims

Studies into surgical errors in the UK have been conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). One of these studies highlighted that the UK has 5.5 cases of surgical errors per 100,000 patients discharged from hospital.