Broker profile: Macauley Geddes

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February 27, 2024

Can you share a brief overview of your journey in the insurance industry and how you got started?

My journey in the insurance industry began unexpectedly at the age of 15 when I embarked on a work experience placement at Towergate, a renowned brokerage. This opportunity came about through the recommendation of my Auntie, who believed it would be a valuable experience for me. Starting in a Call Centre Role, I found myself drawn to the dynamic nature of the work.

Despite my initial interest in pursuing a career as a PE Teacher due to my passion for sports and fitness, my time at Towergate ignited a newfound ambition within me. As I completed my A Levels with a focus on middle distance running, I realised my true calling lay in the insurance sector. Thankfully, Towergate welcomed me back, and at the age of 16, I recommenced my journey.

What motivated your decision to join Servca?

My decision to join Servca was motivated by a pivotal experience during my tenure in insurance. A trip to Lloyd’s of London sparked my interest early on, and I was intrigued by the prospect of working within such a prestigious institution. When the opportunity arose to join Servca, a young and ambitious company, I was immediately drawn to the vision and energy of its founder, Noah (Nomaan) Jamal. Despite my relatively young age of 20, Noah and Servca took a chance on me, and I've been with them ever since for eight fulfilling years.

What led you to specialise in the PI?

Transitioning into Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance marked a significant shift in my career trajectory. Although it posed some risks, I embraced the opportunity presented by Servca's diversification strategy. While my background primarily lay in Liability and Property insurance, I took on the chance to delve into a new domain. Initially tasked with handling Solicitors PI policies, I eventually found my niche in Construction, Architects, and Engineers PI, an area I had always found intriguing.

How do you stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the PI Sector?

I've been fortunate to establish strong connections within the insurance world, allowing me to meet with underwriters on a weekly basis and being immersed in the Lloyd's market provides invaluable insights into emerging trends. Over time, I’ve been lucky enough to develop key mentors, and I'm grateful for their guidance in staying updated on new developments. Beyond the industry, I dedicate time to reading construction news and I'm fortunate to have my father, a construction professional himself, keeping me informed on relevant updates and insights.

Where do you see the future of the PI Insurance sector heading, and what excites you most about the industry's evolution?

The future of the PI market seems challenging, with retaining and winning business becoming tougher. Yet, this is what excites me; as a naturally competitive individual, I embrace the opportunity to get creative and work hard for business. While I foresee the market softening and then stabilising, possibly leading to rate corrections given its prior state, I believe finding a middle ground between brokers and underwriters is key. Some may argue that a market re-hardening wouldn't favour the insured. However, achieving market consistency benefits all, preventing erratic fluctuations and the resulting "Panic Business."

What's a typical day like for you? Any morning rituals or habits that keep you on top of your game?

A usual day kicks off with me hitting the gym bright and early (yep, I'm part of the 5am Club – I know). After a quick shower to freshen up, it's straight to the office! I dive right into my inbox, shooting off emails and giving my underwriters a friendly nudge to keep them on their toes.

Inside the office, can you tell us about a deal or win you were particularly proud of and why?

Over the years, I've had quite a few cases I'm proud of, so picking a favourite is tough. But one that really stands out to me is when we landed a mid-market account. These ones are trickier, with all their quirks, and often require some genuine broking wisdom to get creative and navigate the whole market. Don't get me wrong, larger limit accounts are always rewarding to place too, especially because they involve support from multiple markets.

But if I had to choose, I'd say the highlight was securing a large Design & Construct (D&C) case just last week. The account dropped into my inbox with a renewal date looming in a few days, and it was no small deal. It required seven underwriters and a program using coinsurance and excess layers.

The best part? We got it all bound within 24 hours of receiving the terms. Plus, landing this account for a large independent company felt like a major win for our business. It’s a great example of what we do at Servca, we are excellent at dealing with highly complex cases, intimately understanding requirements and turning them round at speed so everyone benefits.

Outside of the office, what's a hobby or interest that people might be surprised to know about you?

Outside of the office, a significant portion of my time is dedicated to various fitness activities. Currently, I'm focused on preparing to compete in the Hyrox Games scheduled for May 2024 at the London Excel. Fitness is a passion of mine, and I consistently strive to push my boundaries and improve my performance. Additionally, I'm a huge football fan, playing with friends a couple of times a week and faithfully attending Selhurst Park to watch Crystal Palace every week as a lifelong Season Ticket Holder.

Qualities of a great team and collaboration

As cliché as it may sound, the essence of a great team lies in its members' enthusiasm for their work. Here at Servca, we boast a dynamic team of young, driven, and ambitious individuals who share a passion for various interests. As a company, we foster collaboration through an open-floor policy, where ideas flow freely, creativity is encouraged, and everyone has a voice. We actively promote a culture where team members are empowered to bring forth new ideas, develop innovative product lines, and devise strategic initiatives, providing them with ample opportunities to take ownership and make meaningful contributions.

Advice for aspiring insurance professionals

My advice would be simple: take the leap and go get after it. The insurance market is a great place to be, full of some amazing people to work and connect with. The Lloyd's market is full of opportunities and growth and what is great about the industry is, you can have some fun doing so and make some life-long friends on your journey. As a young broker it can be daunting to enter the market, but my experience has taught me, with the right attitude you are welcomed and I have never looked back since joining Servca as a Lloyd's broker.

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