Medical Indemnity Insurance

For individuals and businesses that offer healthcare provision, selecting the right range and depth of insurance cover is vital.

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Working closely with our partners, we develop insurance and risk management programs designed to cover operational risks, individual directors and officers, clinical trials and crisis containment.

Partner with Servca and create medical indemnity insurance for your primary and urgent care provider clients, clinics or hospitals, secondary care providers and other healthcare providers.

Medical Indemnity Insurance Solutions

Medical Indemnity Insurance Exposures

Individual healthcare practitioners face an increasing range of potential claims for medical malpractice, typically centred around:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Wrongful Advice
  • Accusations of Negligence
  • Surgical or Procedure Errors
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Childbirth related injuries

As a specialty healthcare liability Lloyd’s Broker, we are able to arrange competitive and bespoke contract of insurances for practitioners, who are carrying our private practice. This is similar to defence unions, however – unions operate a discretionary policy – meaning they establish whether you will be covered in the event of a claim.

As part of our healthcare medical malpractice solutions, we offer a range of insurance solutions for individual healthcare practitioners that can be tailored to your clients’ precise needs. No matter whether they are an individual, an entity such as a hospital, care home operator or clinic, they are likely to face claims of bodily injury or mental anguish as a direct result of alleged negligence, misdiagnosis or mental anguish from the professional services that they rendered to a patient.

An independent Lloyd’s of London broker, we use our expert knowledge and relationships within the Lloyd’s and London markets to build robust UK and International medical malpractice policies that are structured around the key exposures of your clients working in and around the following professions and environments:

  • Medical Malpractice for Individual practitioners – including surgeons, consultants, general practitioners, allied health individuals and Locums.
  • Medical Malpractice for Groups of practitioners’ or Associations
  • Medical Malpractice for Entities – including clinics, hospitals and medical establishments.
  • Tele-medical & Digital health services and entities.
  • Medical Malpractice Excess Layers

Why choose Servca for your clients Medical Malpractice Insurance requirements?

Servca is an owner-managed, independent Lloyd’s Broker, with a strategic focus in specialty healthcare. We work with regional and international broker-clients, MGAs, and insurance agents in the placement of speciality risks into the Lloyd’s of London insurance market.

Servca has an extraordinarily strong footprint in the global Healthcare liability sector, representing and actively working with organisations such as Medical Unions, NHS Resolution, Healthcare Associations, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (London, UK), Wellness Medical Protection Group (Chicago, USA), and regulated insurance intermediaries to offer the most competitive service and coverage. With in-house doctors and a strong healthcare background, we take time to understand the risks and challenges – before creating a bespoke insurance solution.

Medical Indemnity – Contract of Insurance

Our contract of insurance is a legally binding insurance policy, which is bespoke to the medical practitioners’ exposures and specialism, ranging from Consultants, Surgeons, Dentists to name a few – which can often run parallel to any works that the individual also carries out for the public sector. This is unlike medical unions, who offer discretionary cover – which technically means, the union themselves will decide whether the claim is valid. Where claims are rejected, practitioners are disbanded from the union and become personally liable for defence costs.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of reputation for specialist medical practitioners, which is why we have a dedicated claims handling team and inhouse doctors to guide your clients through any potential claim notifications, which are time consuming, stressful, reputationally damaging and very costly, even where the medical practitioner is subsequently proven to have been innocent.

Associations & Affinity Groups

Group Medical Indemnity provides protection for the professional activities of associations of doctors, healthcare and medical practitioners, operating in the private or public sector.

Group Coverage is facilitated by indemnifying a named entity (e.g. a hospital, association or company), and extending coverage to individuals that work on behalf of the named entity. This is often a cost-effective method of arranging insurance for the entity and all support staff and medical professionals that work within the entity.

For any claims that arise, it is the entity’s policy that responds to protect the medical professional that is involved in the claim, thus offering protection in ensuring business continuity, even after a claim.

As an independent Broker at Lloyd’s, we specialise in the placement of group medical indemnity insurance for associations and affinity group globally, for hundreds of medical establishments, private hospitals, healthcare entities, clinics and groups each year. We are operated by doctors, for doctors, therefore understand the technical insurance requirements you may have and how we can best add value.

As a specialist in Group Medical Indemnity, we actively work with stakeholders, investors and board of directors in carrying out an independent insurance review to ensure the entity has the correct level of cover and has no 'gaps' in cover. This best protects shareholders, stakeholders and any interested parties of the healthcare entity in the event of a claim, or regulatory audit.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Organisations operating within the life sciences sector face a variety of challenges and opportunities in a post-pandemic world. Whether they conduct clinical trials for infectious diseases, clinical research, drug or contract manufacturing, there are numerous risks you need to consider carefully on their behalf. Corporate liability in healthcare is a hot topic in an increasingly litigious world. For instance, your client could face unforeseen litigation, claims of product contamination, a regulatory action or a patent dispute. Failure to contain any one of these potential scenarios and your clients funding and reputation could be in jeopardy.

Hospitals, Clinics & Medical Establishments

While malpractice insurance for doctors and other individual professionals is vital, corporate organisations and entities need to ensure that they have every potential risk and liability protected against. A hospital, clinic or medical establishment malpractice or misdiagnosis claim can represent a very serious threat to the future of an organisation, including litigation against the directors and officers of the organisation. Ensuring that your client has a full suite of appropriate healthcare liability insurance covers in place is therefore vital, not only for the day to day running, but also for any public or private sector tendering/contracts.

At Servca, we work with investors, owners and risk managers of medical establishments to delivery competitive risk management solutions and insurance. As specialists in the medical and healthcare arena, we understand the complexities of running a healthcare business – which is why we work with our valued clients by carrying out on-site risk assessments in order to identify best practice and cover options for our clients – ranging from single clinics, to a network of clinics and hospitals.

Within our healthcare team, we actively work with:
  • Clinics
  • Surgeries
  • Private Hospitals
  • Treatment Centres
  • Mobile Treatment Centres
  • Scanning Centres & Facilities
  • Fertility Clinics & Sperm Banks

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