Broker profile: Callum Sullivan

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January 30, 2024

Can you share a brief overview of your journey in the insurance industry and how you got started?

I embarked on my insurance journey in 2019, starting at a retail broker in South East London. The allure of the London market drew me in and in early 2022 I made the transition, diving into the dynamic landscape it offers.

What motivated your decision to join Servca?

Joining Servca provided me with the unique opportunity to independently cultivate relationships with both clients and insurers right from the start. The unparalleled exposure I gained has enabled me to efficiently navigate mid-market risks early in my Lloyd's Broker career.

What led you to specialise in the construction class?

Having been exposed to Contractors Combined risks when I first began insurance, I moved onto dealing with mid-market construction firms. I was drawn to construction due to its evolving nature. Methods are always changing and the insurance environment has to continuously respond. As a broker, I’m constantly learning and on my toes to stay on top of trends and developments.

How do you stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the Construction Sector?

To stay 'in the know' I’m a regular consumer of construction articles, frequently checking websites like Construction Enquirer and Insurance Times for the latest insights and news. While saying that, nothing beats engaging in conversations with our clients and underwriters to understand what’s going on in the industry.

Where do you see the future of the Construction Insurance sector heading, and what excites you most about the industry's evolution?

Looking into 2024, challenges are expected in the Construction Insurance sector with increasing distress and insolvencies. As a broker, our focus is on emphasising the significance of contractual rights and obligations in the event of subcontractor or supplier insolvency. Educating clients on the actions needed as a principal contractor during such situations is crucial for navigating the evolving landscape.

What's a typical day like for you? Any morning rituals or habits that keep you on top of your game?

My day kicks off with a Granola pot and a Mocha from Pret, courtesy of a monthly subscription I embraced after joining the caffeine club in late 2023. As a creature of habit and organisation freak, once I settle into a routine, it tends to stick.

Inside the office, can you tell us about a deal or win you were particularly proud of and why?

I had a Basement Contractor approach us towards the end of last year, requesting terms that aligned with their existing policy. Given the premium they were paying, I conducted a thorough review and discovered a Basement Work Exclusion that the insured was previously unaware of. Fortunately, it didn't cause any issues during that policy period.

I engaged with several markets to assess the risk and presented the insured with three coverage options: Superstructure Exclusion, Basement Work with a Sub-Limit, and Full Basement Work.

The contractor opted for Full Basement Work coverage, ensuring they are now correctly insured. This was a particularly proud moment for me, as the service I was able to deliver went beyond a mere premium reduction or general coverage increase. I provided a crucial piece of coverage essential to the client’s work, business, and livelihood.

Outside of the office, what's a hobby or interest that people might be surprised to know about you?

Beyond the insurance world, I'm a massive football fan. From the National League to the Champions League, I’ll watch it. I'm a Millwall fan (to my despair) and a season ticket holder. Following the family trend, my Mum's side are all Millwall fans, creating a strong connection to the team. In my downtime you might also find me in the kitchen, indulging in a bit of cooking, with my speciality dish being a Creamy Cajun Chicken & Chorizo pasta, with a side of garlic bread.

In your opinion, what qualities make a great team, and how do you promote collaboration among your colleagues?

For a team to thrive, recognising each other's strengths and weaknesses is paramount. Promoting an environment where team members can pick up where others cannot, and fostering open communication, allows for a collaborative and successful workspace. In my role as Broking Manager, I oversee the broking team and encourage conversation, as this sparks innovative ideas around ways to broke and as a result pick up risks we wouldn’t have won by following the norm.

And finally, what advice do you have for individuals aspiring to work in the insurance sector? Are they any key principles or lessons you wish you have known when you started your journey

The Insurance Industry requires good knowledge of the product you are advising on. If you know your product inside-out and can demonstrate this, people will trust you to assist their clients. It is also highly reliant on relationships, and how you manage these relationships. I would recommend anyone looking to join the industry, to be comfortable with asking questions. The market is ever changing, and it is good to stay up to date by constantly speaking to your client and insurers.

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