The Varying Types of Covid-19 Limitations & Exclusions

The consequences of Covid-19 have reached far and wide affecting an array on industries. Servca break's down the covid-19 limits & exclusions in your policy.

What is Products Liability? (An Introduction to Products Insurance)

Learn the basics behind liability insurance designed to protect manufacturers and sellers from claims relating to faulty and/or defective products sold.

How to Mitigate and Manage Patient Complaints

Learn how to Manage Patient Complaints in 8 easy steps!

Medical Mistakes - Common Causes of Medical Errors

Learn about the common causes of Medical Mistakes and Errors that turn into Malpractice Claims

Medical Mistakes - Preventing Emergency Room & Surgical Errors

Read about the most common A&E accidents & Surgical Errors that turn in Medical Malpractice Claims, and how to prevent them.

Telemedicine – Claims Risk Management & Mitigation Strategies for Organisations

Insurance Blog written by Dr Edwin Rajadurai about Risk Mitigation for Medical Professionals conducting Telemedicine work.

When Should You Update Your Business Insurance Policy?

Learn when are the key situations to update your business insurance policy and how professional changes can affect your current insurance cover.

Dentistry: Returning to Work under COVID-19 Conditions (Risk Management Guide)

Discover how to manage your medical practice under new COVID-19 conditions to keep you staff and your patients safe.

Most Common Medical Malpractice Claims

Servca breakdown common UK Medical Malpractice Claims and how they occur.

Lloyds of London have elected new council effective June 2020

New Lloyds of London council will be in effect come June 2020, which re-elections for council member placements

A Breakdown of Life Sciences Insurance and the Key Coverages

A breakdown of Life Sciences, Clinical Trials and the Key Coverages detailing what life sciences is, the three different clases of this policy.

Servca's Success Stories - Medical Malpractice (Highlights from Jan to April 2020)

Discover Servca's Medical Malpractice highlights from London Market Placements in 2020

Coronavirus will cost Insurers more than $200 Billion

Coronavirus costs insurers $203 Billion USD in claim costs and investment losses


This article focuses on the efforts and careful consideration that should be taken as a Psychiatrist using telemedical communications in their work.

Servca's Success Stories - Professional Indemnity Insurance (Highlights from Jan to April 2020)

Servca break down Professional Indemnity Insurance Highlights from 2020 London Market Placements

Why the independent inquiry into Ian Paterson is going to have a monumental effect on Medical Indemnity

Why the Ian Paterson case will have a monumental effect on the Medical Malpractice Industry and your Policy

Vicarious Medical Malpractice Liability - Why Medical Entities, Clinics and Healthcare Organisations need it

Find out why you need Vicarious Malpractice Liability Insurance if you are a Medical Entity, Clinic or Healthcare Organisation.

Medical Practice in the UK - "Are there alternatives to Medical Malpractice Insurance?" & Other Important Legal Questions

Learn the answers to all your legal questions concerning Medical Malpractice and alternative cover.