Professional Indemnity - Fire Safety Engineers, Passive Fire Protection and Non Passive Fire Protection

As the PI industry continues to differ day by day and leave us all with a rollercoaster of emotions, it is clear there is still one area suffering which is the fire safety industry.

Presentation of a Claim

In our line of business, we view claims every day. Claims are viewed in a negative way, understandably. However, there are ways we can make claims more appealing to Underwriters.

Preparing a Submission

Servca has seen a mixed bag of presentations/submissions during its time in the industry. Some have contained a great amount of detail, and some haven’t even included turnover information or rating factors. Here are a few tips and tricks to build the perfect presentation.

Directors And Officers - Cover Explained

The cover is requested by businesses either from their start up stage or as a business grows and is looking for more protection in the event a claim occurs. Can you confidently say you understand the need for each section of cover and how it will become operative in the event of a claim?

Common Surgical Mistakes That Can Turn into Nasty Claims

Studies into surgical errors in the UK have been conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). One of these studies highlighted that the UK has 5.5 cases of surgical errors per 100,000 patients discharged from hospital.

The Varying Types of Covid-19 Limitations & Exclusions

The consequences of Covid-19 have reached far and wide affecting an array on industries. Servca break's down the covid-19 limits & exclusions in your policy.

What is Products Liability? (An Introduction to Products Insurance)

Learn the basics behind liability insurance designed to protect manufacturers and sellers from claims relating to faulty and/or defective products sold.

How to Mitigate and Manage Patient Complaints

Learn how to Manage Patient Complaints in 8 easy steps!

Medical Mistakes - Common Causes of Medical Errors

Learn about the common causes of Medical Mistakes and Errors that turn into Malpractice Claims

Medical Mistakes - Preventing Emergency Room & Surgical Errors

Read about the most common A&E accidents & Surgical Errors that turn in Medical Malpractice Claims, and how to prevent them.

Telemedicine – Claims Risk Management & Mitigation Strategies for Organisations

Insurance Blog written by Dr Edwin Rajadurai about Risk Mitigation for Medical Professionals conducting Telemedicine work.

When Should You Update Your Business Insurance Policy?

Learn when are the key situations to update your business insurance policy and how professional changes can affect your current insurance cover.

Dentistry: Returning to Work under COVID-19 Conditions (Risk Management Guide)

Discover how to manage your medical practice under new COVID-19 conditions to keep you staff and your patients safe.

Most Common Medical Malpractice Claims

Servca breakdown common UK Medical Malpractice Claims and how they occur.