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Group Medical Indemnity

As the global healthcare sector continues to innovate and cost efficiencies are found – healthcare has become a rapidly growing business attracting capital inflows from individual investors to corporate finance houses. 

At Servca, we work with a number of corporate healthcare providers, ranging from single establishments, to a network of providers to deliver competitive risk management solutions. As specialists in healthcare - we understand the complexities of running a healthcare establishment – which is why we work with our valued clients by understanding the business processes in order for Servca to best protect your business from a number of risks and liabilities.

Often, creating a bespoke medical indemnity solution for a group for doctors or healthcare professionals can be far more cost effective, offering flexibility in cover options and limits.  

Servca specialise in the formation of new Group Medical Indemnity schemes, for medical associations, private hospitals or clinics taking into consideration all of the requirements such as specialism, Out of Hours covers and any previous claims or notifications from the group indemnity or an individual healthcare professional.  

Within our healthcare team, we actively work with the following healthcare groups in establishing Group Indemnity solutions for new and existing groups with a varied group of specialisms and individuals:  

  • General Practitioners
  • Consultants
  • Surgeons
  • Nurses & Dental Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Ambulance/Repatriation Services
  • Autologous Bloodbanks
  • Stem Cell Bank
  • Clinical Research
  • First Aid Providers
  • Health Screening
  • Industrial/Occupational Health
  • Laser Eye Clinics
  • Medical Centres
  • Agencies
  • Mobile Medical Units
  • Pathology Laboratories
  • Remote Diagnosis Centre/Online
  • Medical Consultancy

For Example:

A group of Primary Care GPs and Consultants want to establish a group scheme in order to indemnity all healthcare professionals and associated staff and support staff, complete with buildings and surgery cover in order to have more flexibility in work carried out for the NHS, Private Practice and Out of Hours as opposed to what the current MDOs are offering.

Servca would establish the exact requirements of the group and establish a group indemnity scheme, covering all healthcare professionals, support staff and surgery/contents with a fixed monthly premium.  To offer the group a medical union, we can also offer membership to ServCare Medical Union offering comprehensive legal, regulatory and employment advice.  


Interested in how we can help you establish a group indemnity scheme? Contact us on or call 0207 846 9010 

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