Emerging Risks Insurance

The post-pandemic world is constantly evolving – and we believe that your clients insurance solutions should, too.

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Becoming a Servca broker-client means more than adequate protection for the existing business environment, but access to the technical expertise that will help your clients make data driven decisions about their future. We constantly monitor the business landscape across a whole spectrum of industries and work with you to protect your clients from the threats and liabilities that are yet to emerge, but pose a serious potential threat to their enterprise in the not-too-distant future.

Insurance Solutions for Emerging Risks

Emerging Risks Business Types

Cyber Insurance

As recently as 20 years ago, cybercrime was unheard. Today, it is an entire industry and one that much of the traditional insurance industry has failed to keep up with. As a dynamic Broker at Lloyd’s, we have the expertise to create bespoke products that are designed to support your clients with the right level of cyber insurance coverage, covering first and third party loss for a wide range of account sizes, organisation types and complexities.

Shared Economy Insurance

We’ve all witnessed the explosive growth of platforms such as Uber and Air BnB. For our broker-clients, we recognise that the shared economy ought to represent a real opportunity to do business. But as fast moving, characteristically unstable and evolving market, the gig economy also presents challenges for traditional insurance models and concepts. We have the knowledge and data insights that allow you to provide customised, comprehensive coverage for your clients in what is the rapidly expanding and evolving shared-services space.

CBD Business Insurance

Globally, the regulatory framework for medical cannabis has constantly evolved thanks to social, political and commercial interests. We work with specialty insurance providers who are well-versed in the challenges facing our broker partners trying to place casualty and professional lines coverage for insureds engaged in the cannabis, hemp and CBD supply chain.

Technology Insurance

All businesses use technology to some extent. And while your technology clients can rely on cyber liability cover in the event of a cyber-attack or accidental data breach, technology errors and omissions may be needed to protect from legal costs in the event of an error, omission, negligence, or product or service failures. It could be that a computer part supplied to a manufacturer fails, an agreed development deadline is missed or software crashes, causing the end client to lose sales data.

Tech E&O can also provide intellectual property and media liability cover, which could be important for clients who build websites, design apps or provide other digital content.

Technology Business Types

Gaming companies

From the ‘Player Up’ screen, though to the end of game guardian, it’s really important that businesses engaged in the gaming and eSports industry are able to protect and monetise what they have created. We offer your gaming company clients a safety net through innovative insurance offerings and risk management solutions.

eSport Insurance

Throughout the global Covid pandemic in particular, the growth of eSports has been one of the fastest growing sectors. As people find new ways to exercise and compete with friends old and new, and from anywhere round the globe, the eSport community is now an established one. For your clients who produce software and hardware for consumers to take part in eSports, we can provide innovative and bespoke insurance advice and protection.

Metaverse and Virtual Reality Businesses

Companies involved in the metaverse and the creation of interconnected virtual worlds are literally creating new environments through technology. They need insurance that not only protects their IP, but also any potential liabilities they may have in what is an emerging risk environment.

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