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Lab technicians looking at pharmaceutical samples

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

As a healthcare specialist Lloyd’s Broker, we work with numerous Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology organisations globally offering flexible and innovative insurance programmes in an ever-connected world. From Public Liability insurance to a fully tailored solution including data breach, first and third party loss, liability and property coverage globally – our healthcare team have specialist experience in the design and placement of your pharmaceutical and biotechnology insurance requirements.  

We actively work with single entities, SMEs and Corporates in arranging risk management and insurance solutions from manufacturing stages through to export and distribution. 

As a Healthcare specialist Lloyd’s Broker – we have deep industry expertise in healthcare and medicine, where we are unable to understand and add value to your business by offering cost effective, risk managed solutions. 

Organisations that we actively work with are:

  • Active Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Alternative & Complementary Medicines
  • Biological Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Cosmetics Producers
  • Medical & Surgical Devices (excluding permanently invasive)
  • Medical Equipment & Machinery - Manufacturing, Packaging, Retailing and Wholesaling

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