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We insure all risks in the business. Why not Cybercrime? Despite the well-publicised increase in Cyberattacks, only 55% of companies have cyber insurance. Our unique Cyber Insurance allows our clients and partners to benefit from a 'one-stop-shop' solution.

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Non-Standard & High-Risk Cyber Insurance

In a digital-first world, the largest risk exposure for any business is cybercrime. Not only do companies need to contend with GDPR and data breaches, but also the increased threat of sophisticated ransomware attacks and social engineering scams that plague systems and inboxes.

Previously, a business could purchase a portfolio of covers such as Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employer’s Liability and feel prepared for the risks that affect their business. Recently, cyber insurance has become a priority purchase amongst prudent business owners.

Not only is there a shift in market attitudes towards cyber risk management, but cyber insurance requirements in contracts has become more prevalent, with regulation bodies having meaningful discussions on cyber risk and how to ensure their members remain protected.

One Policy. All The Protection

Whilst a robust cyber security strategy is a practical step towards risk prevention, cyber insurance provides the risk mitigation factor the client needs to ensure they have a 360-degree cyber risk management programme.

Cyber insurance allows a business to protect its balance sheet by providing a selection of covers such as Breach Response, Privacy and Data Liability, Ransomware Protection & Social Engineering.

A bespoke cyber policy allows a firm to pick and choose the covers they require and create a tailored policy that is adapted to the needs of the business, allowing them to protect digital assets and protect the bottom line without suppressing their business model.

Cyber Insurance For Your Business

At Servca, we have taken a proactive approach to understand our client's needs for cyber insurance. Not only do we provide bespoke quotations for our broker partners, but we also provide consultative, education, guidance and risk management strategies. We have access to the world’s leading cyber insurance companies and syndicates that are able to provide best-in-class cover for our valued broker partners and their clients.

As a global Lloyd's broker, we provide cyber insurance solutions and customised wordings suited to the needs of modern businesses. With our access to the London & Lloyd’s market, we are able to create customized wordings that are suited to the needs of modern businesses. We have developed an exclusive cyber insurance scheme where we have been able to provide our partners with a robust cyber insurance policy along with complementary domain vulnerability scans to ensure their business is protected.

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